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minecraft game codes

When Mojang published Minecraft in 2009, he never thought that his game would have the worldwide and even social impact that it has today. Few games can proudly boast that despite the passage of time, they are still among the most played. One of the main reasons why it is still so popular is because it allows the player to do practically everything they want, either alone or playing with friends. In addition to the immensity of MODs that are available that can be used as free expansions created by the community.

It has happened to all of us: if we love a game and spend a lot of hours squeezing it, at some point we wanted to try the possible tricks that are available. In the case of Minecraft, being such a broad game without a closed story, the use of tricks would be simply to explore new possibilities of gameplay.

Previous considerations

We have tried all the tricks that we are going to publish in this article, but if you are a regular player you will know that it is being updated continuously, so it could be that a trick that worked today tomorrow does not do it anymore. I’m also sorry to say that the console versions do not allow you to enter tricks. Therefore, you will only be able to use them in the desktop versions of Windows and macOS, Pocket Edition (iOS and Android) and Education Edition.

In any case do not worry, at the end of the article you will find a few tips that will surely help you in your adventures in this pixelated world and that you can take advantage of without any discrimination. Finally, it is very important that you know that activating the tricks will not be possible to unlock achievements for our Xbox Live profile. The game will show you a warning when you activate them to remind you.

How to activate tricks with commands in Minecraft

Unfortunately, it is only possible to introduce tricks into worlds in which you have allowed their use at the time of their creation. If you have a world already created and you did not activate the tricks at that moment, I am sorry to tell you that it is no longer possible to activate them.

Activating the tricks is very simple. Simply when creating a new world we will see the option to activate them in the options that appear as previous configuration. Therefore, if you have no interest in unlocking achievements it may be advisable to always activate this option, since you never know when you want to take advantage of them.

How to enter a trick

Using tricks does not have much complexity except perhaps those who try to invoke an object or teleport. They are introduced by means of the game’s chat bar. To show this bar we will have to press the “Enter” or “T” key. In the case of the Pocket Edition you will have to click on the button to start chat. It is very important that you write at the beginning of the command of each trick the forward slash “/”, because if you do not do it and enter the command directly, the trick will not activate correctly. As you can see in the image that accompanies this text, it is very simple.

Tricks to change the style of game

Switch to survival mode: / gamemode 0
Switch to creation mode: / gamemode 1
Switch to adventure mode: / gamemode 2
Switch to viewer mode: / gamemode 3

Tricks to control time

Change to day: / time set day
Change to midnight: / time set 18000
Change at noon: / time set 6000
Change to dusk: / time set 12000
Change to dawn: / time set 0
Change to night: / time set night
Stop the passage of time: / gamerule doDaylightCycle false
Return to game time: / time query gametime

Tips to control the weather

Put the weather clear: / weather clear
Put the weather with rain: / weather rain
Put the weather with thunder: / weather thunder

Tricks to change the difficulty
Peaceful mode: / difficulty peaceful
Easy mode: / difficulty easy
Normal mode: normal difficulty
Hard mode: / difficulty hard

Tricks to enchant objects

Here the tricks are a little complicated, since it is necessary to know the name in English or the ID value of the enchantment that we want to apply. Luckily, the game helps us by showing the names of the elements as we write their letters. For this trick the command would consist of 4 parts: The first is the initial command of enchantment, the name of our character, the name of the enchantment or its ID value and the level of the enchantment (the latter is not strictly necessary to put it):

For example: / enchant Malavida blast_protection 5
The equivalent using the ID value of the enchantment: / enchant Malavida 3 5

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