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Country Code: 264 ISO Code: NAM Namibia (in English and officially: Republic of Namibia, in German: Republik Namibia, in Afrikaans: Republiek van Namibië) is a country in southwestern Africa that occupies the territory of what was known until the 1960s as South West Africa. Limiting to the north with Angola, to the northeast with Zambia, to the west with the Atlantic Ocean, to the east with Botswana, and to the southeast and to the south with South Africa. Namibia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Union and the United Nations. Its capital and most populated city Read More


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Country Code: 54 ISO Codes: AR/ARG In the extreme South of the American continent is the Argentine Republic, this is the official denomination that the country receives in the National Constitution, sanctioned in 1853. With a surface of 3.761.274 Km², the Argentine territory possesses a varied landscape, in which fields of ice and arid zones coexist, alternating mountainous reliefs with plateaus or plains, fluvial courses or lacustrine areas with the oceanic amplitude are communicated, and the steppe vegetation does not obscure the scenery of forests and jungles. Because of its extension – which correspond to the American Continent; to the Read More

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